Selling Digital Downloads on Etsy: Learn How to Sell

Selling Digital Downloads on Etsy
Interested in selling digital downloads on Etsy? Discover how to sell them and few tips for successful selling!

Selling digital downloads on Etsy is one way you can add new listings to your online Etsy shop and work on your creativity at the same time. Digital downloads allow buyers make a purchase and have for instance new art piece hanging in their home in no time.

Selling digital downloads on Etsy can also be a great way to stay in touch with your entrepreneurial desires and passions. There are sellers who offer printable gift box templates that are designed and illustrated by the sellers directly.

Find a few great ideas and see where your creativity is going to take you! Selling digital downloads is an excellent way to make passive income. The best thing is that you don’t have to store and ship the item and you can sell the exact same item multiple times.

Start Selling Digital Downloads on Etsy 



Start selling digital products on Etsy is the same as selling physical products. You need to list the product first by uploading the file your shoppers will receive once they make a purchase. After shoppers purchase your digital file, it becomes automatically available on their download page. There are a couple of things you can upload including audio, text or image files.

Even though, no certain skills are needed to list a digital product for download on your Etsy shop, a basic knowledge of design programs such as Adobe Illustrator will make creating the file much simpler. Keep in mind that, a big part of running a successful business on Etsy is discovering, learning, and adapting to the Etsy community and your shop over time.

You can start selling one or a few digital designs and if everything goes fine, you can expand your shop. Listing hundreds of designs at first is only going to confuse your customers.

Tips for Selling Digital Downloads on Etsy Successfully



Now that you know what are digital downloads and how to start selling digital downloads on Etsy, it is time to take advantage of a few tips and learn how to sell successfully.

  • Photos – You need to keep in mind that great photos are essential for successful sale on Etsy. Photographing digital products and making sure that shoppers know what they are buying is crucial if you want to run a successful shop. You can invest in a quality camera or ask your professional friend who is a photographer to capture high-quality and clear photos of the digital products you are selling.
  • Customer Service – The digital products may save you storage space but they can require an extra customer service support. You can expect more questions and concerns from your customers, but be prepared to answer to all of their inquiries and provide friendly customer service.
  • Price – This is probably one of the most challenging factors to decide when listing a new product on Etsy. How to determine the value of your digital product? You need to think about how much the customer would have charged for the product you are selling if the customer had printed it, packaged it, and shipped it.

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A Final Word

Selling digital downloads can definitely help you add new listings to your Etsy shop, reach different target groups, and discover new sales channels!

It also allows you to focus on developing and creating new designs and products! The important thing is to have fun and use the tips we mentioned above!


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