Is Selling Antiques Online on Etsy a Good Idea

Are you interested in selling antiques online? Have you heard about Etsy – the specialized marketplace for selling vintage goods? Discover whether or not selling antiques on Etsy is a good idea!

How to Sell Antiques Online

Selling vintage goods online has never been simpler. However, there are a few things you must do before starting your own antique online business. You need to ensure you have enough items to get started. For starters, you need at least 10 different products to offer to your customers. Access to a laptop and a digital camera is also a must for listing your products and taking great photos before publishing your items in your online shop.

If you are not a professional photographer or you can’t take great shots from your items, ask a friend or someone you know to help you with your photos. It is important to have clear and high-quality photos of your vintage goods as customers aren’t able to touch or feel the antiques. That is why they need great photos to see what they are buying exactly. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: How Etsy Works – The Fees for Selling on Etsy and Pattern

Start Selling Antiques on Etsy

If you are interested in selling your antiques online, there is no better option than Etsy. Etsy is a specialized marketplace for selling vintage goods that are more than 20 years older and it is an ideal place for you to start your online antique business and present your collection of antiques to the world.

Opening an Etsy shop is quite easy. All you need to do is to register (the registration is free), name your shop, design the shop according to your style, and list the products. There is a small fee you need to pay when listing a product, the fee is $0.20 per product for four months and a small selling fee or 3.5%. The rest goes to your pocket. This is extremely affordable of Etsy, especially if you compare the fees of eBay and Amazon. You don’t have to pay any fees for adding photos, as a matter of fact, you have five spaces available per product.

The Etsy community is helpful and supportive. You can join different Etsy groups and forums as this is a great way to promote your shop and your collection of antiques.

So, are you ready to start selling your vintage goods online? Open your Etsy shop today!